Vadászkutya kiképzés - gundog training
Gundog training in Hungary

Gundog training in Hungary

Kövess engem ( videók):

AI train future gundogs and their owners as well. We train and breed working dogs to accompany shooting men and women in shooting situations.


Situated in Szentes in the south of Hungary, I have all the facilities in our close neighbourhood ,from open field, lakes, rivers to covered area. I also have possibility to take dogs with me on my hunting trips.


We train using kind but firm methods. Dogs are taken in for training, owners and their dogs can come for regular lessons, or we can supply you with dogs trained on varying levels. . Owners are encouraged to visit regularly for their own training. Some dogs are trained only for family dogs, which is also possible. While others are fully trained gundogs. I also undertake correcting misbehaviour dogs ( such as, retrieve problem, disobedience, game chasing etc…)


I also breed English Pointers under the FCI registered name “Szentesi -vadász”.  I take first the ability of work and enthusiasm as well as intention of keeping connection with human. These are the most important characteristics of a working dog.